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Help and Advice Fire Safety for Outdoor Events

Fire Safety for Outdoor Events

From barbecues to festivals and bonfires, outdoor events happen all year round and for a lot of people, lighting a fire is a great addition to the atmosphere and the event itself. However, just as fire safety is important indoors, it is also crucial that you take all relevant precautions for outdoor fires, too. This article will look at the steps you can take to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor event safely.



A great addition to any social event, barbecues are used the world over. However, it can be easy to get distracted and this can be dangerous. It is important that barbecues are placed on a flat surface, away from shrubs, trees and sheds (sparks and embers can be unpredictable and they could fall onto these flammable materials). Once you have finished with the barbecue, make sure it is properly cooled down before you try and move it. Pets and small children should be kept away from the barbecue, and always ensure you have a bucket of sand or cold water around to douse the barbecue in case of emergency. You should not use more than 5cm of coal on a barbecue, and any ashes should be emptied on to garden soil, not into bins.



Sitting round a campfire as night draws in is so commonplace it’s almost a tradition. However, once you retire to your tent for the night, it is important that you are sure that the fire is completely extinguished – even though the fire may seem like it is dead, it can re-ignite with just a few embers still burning. Ensure that any campfire is situated well away from tents and vehicles, too. A fire can destroy a tent in less than a minute, with 79,000 grass and healthland fires being started every year – 216 per day. Never use parraffin to light a solid fuel stove.

If you are taking part in an outdoor event where fire is involved, and the fire gets out of hand, you might try and put it out with a bucket of water. If this method is unsuccessful, do not continue to attempt to extinguish the fire. Call the fire brigade and let them extinguish it themselves.

At City Fire Protection, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading independent fire safety companies. We provide fire safety equipment and training to customers across the country, ensuring they can be as safe from fire as possible at all times. If you would like to know more about what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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