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Summer Fire Safety

The heatwave in the UK shows no signs of abating, and those of us who love soaking up the sun’s rays are spending as much time as possible outdoors, hosting barbecues, going camping and just generally enjoying this unprecedented warmth we’re experiencing. While we’re having our fun in the sun, it’s important that we make sure we do so safely as the risk of fire is increased in the Summer time – in no small part due to the greater number of outdoor fires. As well as the fires themselves, there are other aspects of fire safety in Summer time that…

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Fire Extinguishers: The Types and Their Uses

Fire extinguishers are a crucial element of comprehensive fire safety and, in commercial and industrial properties, are often required by legal health and safety regulations. However, fire extinguishers come in a range of types and, according to the kind of environment you live or work within, a particular model of fire extinguisher, or combination of fire extinguishers, will be necessary. Download our guide Types of Fire… There are 6 types of fire, all classified and identified by the kind of materials found in the location in which the fire is present: Class A – This type of fire is characterised by the…

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Cost of Fire to a Business

A fire breaking out can be a disaster wherever they occur, which means it can certainly be a disaster for a business. Whether your business premises is full of computers or furniture, paperwork or clothing, a fire can cause havoc and cost you in a number of ways, and not just financially. Here, we are going to look at what those costs can be and why you should always, always be prepared in case of a fire. What could a fire cost my business? Staff absence If you’ve recently experienced a fire in your workplace, it can certainly put off staff…

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Effects of Smoke Inhalation During a Fire

Being caught in a fire emergency is a terrifying experience for anyone, and there are a huge number of risks that people are exposed to in such a situation. Smoke inhalation is one such risk, and it can be extremely dangerous, even fatal. The effects of smoke inhalation can be immediate and in this piece, we are going to look at what these effects are and the stages of their occurrence. Symptoms There are various symptoms of smoke inhalation, and they depend on how long you have been exposed to the smoke for. Some of the most obvious ones include: Cough…

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Fire Fighting Techniques

When a fire is ignited, the way it is put out depends entirely on the fuel that is making the fire burn and the location of the fire itself. There are several recognised techniques for tackling a blaze, and we are going to look through what they are and the different ways in which they are effective. Download as infographic Fog Attack The hose uses a fog setting to extinguish a fire – ideal for closed compartment fires where there is no wind. This is used by fire brigades across the country and is lauded for its effectiveness in combating fire….

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