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Fire Extinguishers: The Types and Their Uses

Fire extinguishers are a crucial element of comprehensive fire safety and, in commercial and industrial properties, are often required by legal health and safety regulations. However, fire extinguishers come in a range of types and, according to the kind of environment you live or work within, a particular model of fire extinguisher, or combination of fire extinguishers, will be necessary. Download our guide Types of Fire… There are 6 types of fire, all classified and identified by the kind of materials found in the location in which the fire is present: Class A – This type of fire is characterised by the…

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Fire Fighting Techniques

When a fire is ignited, the way it is put out depends entirely on the fuel that is making the fire burn and the location of the fire itself. There are several recognised techniques for tackling a blaze, and we are going to look through what they are and the different ways in which they are effective. Download as infographic Fog Attack The hose uses a fog setting to extinguish a fire – ideal for closed compartment fires where there is no wind. This is used by fire brigades across the country and is lauded for its effectiveness in combating fire….

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Fire Safety for Outdoor Events

From barbecues to festivals and bonfires, outdoor events happen all year round and for a lot of people, lighting a fire is a great addition to the atmosphere and the event itself. However, just as fire safety is important indoors, it is also crucial that you take all relevant precautions for outdoor fires, too. This article will look at the steps you can take to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor event safely. Barbecues A great addition to any social event, barbecues are used the world over. However, it can be easy to get distracted and this can be dangerous. It…

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Student Fire Safety

For university students, living in shared accommodation is something of a rite of passage, and for many it can be the first taste of living independently – which also means there is a huge responsibility undertaken to keep yourself and your housemates safe. Things like cooking independently also carry fire hazards with them, and living in shared accommodation means that this risk is increased. This article will look into the ways you can increase fire safety in your student property. Escape Routes Although it may not be the most exciting thing to do, it is important that you and your housemates…

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Pet Fire Safety

Keeping your home safe from fire is something that all homeowners and tenants should do, but keeping inquisitive pets away from potential fire hazards is an extra task that can be more tricky, especially as you can’t inform your pets of the dangers of fire through a simple chat! This article will look at some of the most effective ways to keep your pets safe from fire and how to prevent them from inadvertently putting themselves, and you, in danger. Statistics show that on average, 500,000 pets are affected by fire each year, with 40,000 of those pets dying as a…

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