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Retail Fire Protection

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Retail Fire Protection

If you’re the owner or operator of a retail building, then you’ll be aware of your various responsibilities in regards to the safe and efficient management of your property. The busiest retail environments have thousands of people passing through every day, and they will expect your premises to be safe. Your property needs to be fully equipped and your staff need to be well trained in fire safety practices and procedures.

Common Hazards

Depending on the type of retail space you own or operate, you could face a number of fire hazards. If we use a shopping mall as an example, there will be plenty of different shops selling different products, as well as restaurants, which present a variety of fire risks.

For example, clothing stores will be stocked full of flammable garments, whilst restaurants and markets will make use of cooking equipment, oils, kitchens and appliances for their produce. A common denominator amongst the variety of vendors in a shopping centre is the waste they generate - fires in bins and skips can be common and devastating if a premises is not adequately prepared.

Prevention and planning

There are plenty of things you can do to protect your premises against the risk of fire. Some are simple, some require a bit more work, but whether they take 5 minutes or a few days to implement, they are worth every second if they protect your property, staff and visitors from the risk of fire.

Testing and inspections

Be vigilant with the testing of fire alarms, smoke alarms and any electrical appliances. Contact a trusted electrical or fire safety company to carry out PAT testing on your appliances - this will not only provide peace of mind and catch any faulty equipment, but it’ll also ensure that no insurance policies are rendered void in the event of a fire.


If your staff are fully trained in the correct practices and procedures required for fire-related emergencies, it can save a lot of time, panic and even lives. Panic is one of the biggest threats to safe and efficient evacuation of a property during a fire, and without a clear evacuation plan in place, people can become panicked very easily.

Straightforward evacuation plans, including signposted, clear routes and a designated meeting point a safe distance from the property, can help ensure that people leave your property quickly and safely during an emergency.

City Fire Protection are a leading independent provider of fire safety equipment for businesses around the UK. For more information about what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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