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    Foam Extinguishers

    Foam Extinguishers

    Foam fire extinguishers are very versatile and can be used to provide protection against both Class A and Class B fires, so they can be installed in a variety of locations that are at risk of material fires, as well as flammable liquid fires. The foam they release is also non-conductive, so it lowers the risk of electric shock if the fire contains electrical equipment.

    The foam is used to effectively suffocate fire, by sealing the surface of burning materials or objects and smothering it. This also cools the surface of the fire and prevents any stray materials from scattering and starting secondary fires elsewhere.

    Our team have years of experience installing and maintaining foam fire extinguishers throughout London – all supplied from our UK-based factory to ensure you get high-quality units. So whether you need us to assess the suitability of your current protection measures, or need your fire extinguishers upgrading, you can rely on our team to prioritise your fire safety and recommend the ideal extinguishers for your premises.

    Eco-Foam Fire Extinguishers

    Here at City Fire Protection, we offer a range of Eco-Foam fire extinguishers that help towards reducing your carbon footprint, as the foam has almost no negative effects on the environment. This is because foam extinguishers must be discharged and refilled every 5 years to ensure that they remain effective, and the foam is simply disposed of. The Eco-Foam is almost completely biodegradable and doesn’t contain any potentially harmful perfluorinate surfactants, so it will not harm the environment when the time comes to replace it. Get in touch with the team at City Fire Protection today for more information.

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