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    Fire Stopping

    Fire Stopping

    Forming part of your passive fire protection plan, fire stopping has been put in place to ensure gaps, openings and other avenues in which fire can spread, are sealed. Here at City Fire, our dedicated team of specialists are always on hand to fully protect your premises from the threat of fire.

    The majority of commercial properties have been constructed in a way which fully utilises fire compartmentalisation, an element of passive fire protection and fire stopping measures. This helps to trap fire and smoke in one place, allowing occupants a considerable amount of time to evacuate the building both safely and promptly. Therefore, it’s important that fire compartmentalisation is put in place after any refurbishments have been carried out. This ensures that your fire protection is never compromised with City Fire.

    Fire stopping and what it involves

    Our team are fully committed to identifying vulnerable areas which could aid in the spreading of a fire. Throughout the duration of our fire stopping surveys, we’re able to accurately detect areas which need sealing, including:

    • Newly drilled holes
    • Joints or gaps between floors and walls
    • Openings around cables, pipes and beams
    • Holes left as a result of the removal of components

    Unassuming gaps, holes and other openings can often be overlooked when it comes to fire stopping. That’s why, here at City Fire, our expert team uses a variety of materials of exceptional quality to completely seal these small cavities, giving you total peace of mind and restoring compartmentalisation to your building.

    Who is responsible for fire stopping?

    The manager or business owner is responsible for ensuring the correct fire stopping measures are in place. Therefore, if a fire were to take place within the premises, the manager or business owner would be held liable. Refit companies and technicians hold no responsibility in the sealing of compartments. If you have any questions about fire stopping responsibilities, one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help.

    Fire stopping from City Fire

    Our team of experts are able to conduct fire stopping surveys and full risk assessments for you and your business, ensuring the threat of fire is kept to a minimum. With over two decades of industry experience, our fully qualified specialists will be deployed to your site and carry out the work necessary to fully protect your premises, giving you total peace of mind.

    For more information regarding our fire stopping services or to arrange a full fire risk assessment for your property, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.

    See what our customers think!

    “I had an issue with a fire alarm, called City Fire on the back of a recommendation. The engineers arrived on time, managed to resolve the issue on site, and all throughout head office were in contact to ensure a smooth service.

    Would definitely recommend! 10/10!”

    - Henil

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