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    Powder Extinguishers

    Powder Extinguishers

    Dry powder fire extinguishers are ideal for multi-risk environments because they can be used to tackle Class A, B and C fires, so can provide complete protection for your workplace, vehicle or residential environment. They can be used on:

    • Solid materials fires
    • Combustible liquids
    • Flammable gasses
    • Electrical equipment

    The dry powder is an extinguishing agent which is released via compressed gas to create a blanket over the flames and smother the source of the fire, cooling it and stopping it from spreading.

    At City Fire Protection, we supply dry powder extinguishers from our UK-based factory. This means you’ll know you’re getting only the highest quality equipment to protect your staff and your premises.

    No matter what environment you work in, it’s always best to have your extinguishers recommended by experts who understand the specific risks of each fire hazard present in your property. Although dry powder is very versatile, it may not be best for your premises – simply contact us today to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

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