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Help and Advice Portable Heater Warning

Portable Heater Warning

Portable heaters are gadgets that are incredibly useful in the colder months, providing a great source of heat from their relatively small stature – perfect for those homes without fireplaces or that might need some extra heat outdoors on a winter night.

However, as the London Fire Brigade has recently released a warning regarding the potential for fires from portable heaters, this article will detail why and how you need to be extra cautious when using them this winter.


When buying or using a portable heater, you must check that it is either Underwriters Listed or Factory Mutual approved for its intended use. This way you can be sure that they are suitable for use – heaters without either of these approvals should be avoided as they could be liable to fault.


One of the most important elements of using a portable heater is where you position it in your home. There must not be anything obstructing the front of the heater, as this can cause extreme heat on whatever is blocking the vent, which can result in burns or fire. You should never move the heater when it is switched on, neither should you put the device in a place where it can easily be knocked over, whether that be by people, pets or doors.

Keep your Distance

The temptation is always there with portable heaters to get as close as possible to absorb the glorious warmth that they propel into your room. However, just as you should avoid placing the heater near furniture or upholstery, clothing can easily set alight or melt if it is exposed to intense heat. Sit or stand close enough to enjoy the warmth but make sure you are an appropriate distance away in order to avoid any of the aforementioned consequences.

Switch them Off

If you are leaving the room for an extended period of time, whether it’s to go and make some food or if you are retiring to bed for the night, make sure to switch the heater off. This means that if the heater gets knocked over in the night by a wandering pet, for example, it will not damage the upholstery. As well as this, it also saves you valuable money on your energy bills.

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