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    Duties of a Fire Warden in the Workplace

    Duties of a Fire Warden in the Workplace

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    Ensuring that all escape routes are clear

    Any obstructions can hamper the time it takes to get out of the building, and this can increase panic. Remove any boxes, furniture or other items that may impede people from corridors and stairways.

    Ensure all fire signs are visible

    People getting confused, lost and panicky can be fatal, so you absolutely must make sure the evacuation route is clearly signposted.

    Ensure all valuable papers are secure

    If any single piece of paper has important, sensitive, classified or valuable information, make sure it is in a secure place, so when the emergency services have dealt with it and you can return to your office, you are not faced with the charred remains of your payroll information!

    Ensure wiring is safe and in good condition

    It’s very important that all wiring is in good condition and that plug sockets are not overloaded, as this creates a serious fire risk. Report all unsafe wiring to heads of departments or facilities.

    Ensuring a swift evacuation

    Ensure all employees are evacuated from the building in a swift, safe manner, helping them to stay calm and focused.

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