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Fire Fighting Techniques

When a fire is ignited, the way it is put out depends entirely on the fuel that is making the fire burn and the location of the fire itself. There are several recognised techniques for tackling a blaze, and we are going to look through what they are and the different ways in which they are effective. Download as infographic Fog Attack The hose uses a fog setting to extinguish a fire – ideal for closed compartment fires where there is no wind. This is used by fire brigades across the country and is lauded for its effectiveness in combating fire….

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Evacuation Procedures: Choosing your Assembly Point

The most important objective when a fire breaks out in any building is to get everyone out safely and quickly as possible. Whether your building is a block of flats or a large office space, a stringent, clear procedure needs to be followed by everyone inside to ensure an efficient evacuation. A key point of any evacuation is choosing the right assembly point; but what is the best way to go about this? Assembly points should be situated in a large open space, one that is big enough to safely accommodate everyone from your building. A back up assembly point should…

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How to Become a Fire Safety Volunteer

Fire safety volunteers play a very important role in keeping people informed of fire safety procedures and protocols. They are used across the country to assist the fire brigade with their work, providing a reference point for residents to help them feel safe in their local area. The role required of any fire safety volunteer includes the following: You will be the person who local residents will speak to if they have any questions or concerns. This means you should be open, approachable and friendly, as this can work wonders for the confidence of those around you. As well as these…

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Is your Business Prepared for an Emergency Evacuation?

The importance of having an emergency evacuation plan for your business cannot be overestimated. You never know when an emergency situation will arise, and for this reason it is important that you have an emergency evacuation plan and that all employees, visitors and contractors are aware of the procedures. This article will discuss some of the key points that you and those in your business need to be aware of to ensure an efficient emergency evacuation. Recognising Potential Disasters If those in your building are adept at spotting hazardous situations then the efficiency of any evacuation is likely to increase, or…

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The Duties of a Fire Marshal

No matter what environment you are in, whether you are in small office space or a large warehouse facility, it is vital that you have a designated fire marshal or fire marshals that are fully aware of their duties to ensure the safe evacuation of everyone in your building. The duties of a fire marshal are outlined as follows: Assess fire risks Spot and report hazards Take appropriate action in the event of a fire Administer first aid Fight fire where necessary Ensure a safe, efficient evacuation When it comes to the fire-fighting aspect of their duties, it is important that…

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