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    Fire Door FAQs

    Fire doors play a vital role in fire safety, and as such they are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties. In order to ensure that your fire door is operating as it should be, as well as complying with all fire safety regulations, we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked fire door questions.

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    Do I need door seals?

    Heat and smoke seals are required for your fire door. They completely shut off all gaps in the fire door frame, serving as an excellent defence against fire and smoke.

    Can I have a veneer finish on my external fire door?

    No. Veneer finishes are only permitted on internal doors.

    Can I cut my fire door to size?

    Guidelines state that no more than 3mm of the side of the door and 5mm of the base can be trimmed.

    Does my door need a self-closing device?

    Yes. This device stops the door from slamming shut, which means nobody can get their fingers trapped in the door, or have the door slam shut when they are trying to exit through it.

    Which fire doors are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act?

    The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) states that a fire door must have minimum width of 900mm clearance, as well as suitably placed vision panels.

    What is the largest fire door I can order?

    The largest fire door available is 2440m x 1220mm.

    What are hinge pads?

    Hinge pads are made of intumescent material, and they are fitted to fire doors to stop the hinge burning into the wood in the event of a fire.

    How heavy are fire doors?

    FD30 fire doors weight approximately 45kg. FD60 fire doors weigh upwards of 75kg, so you can see why it is so important that the door opens and closes safely.

    Can I paint my fire door?

    Yes, you can paint or varnish your fire door, but ensure that the products you are using are suitable and of a high standard.

    Above are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding fire doors and their dos and don’ts. It is important that you are aware of the key features of fire doors, and how to ensure that they are used properly. Professional fire safety equipment suppliers, like us here at City Fire Protection, can help you with anything you need, so please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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