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    Help and Advice How Often Does Your Business Need PAT Testing?

    How Often Does Your Business Need PAT Testing?

    PAT testing is a vital process that needs to be undertaken by all businesses if they are to maintain the optimum level of fire safety.

    PAT testing is the testing of all electrical appliances to ensure they are in full, safe working order, and these tests should be carried out by a registered, qualified professional rather than by yourself. The requirements for PAT testing were established by the Electricity at Work Regulations Act (1989), and this process carries many benefits, as the basics of portable appliance testing has detailed before.

    There is no legal directive on the frequency of your PAT testing, but the Health and Safety Executive states that it should be carried out frequently enough to avoid ‘preventative maintenance’ – that is to say the testing should occur regularly enough to prevent you having to call for repairs or maintenance because your appliance is broken.

    The more regularly the equipment is used, the more regularly it should be tested

    PAT testing should be carried out at least once a year. Devices that get tested will have the date of the test written on a label, and this can be used to check when the last test was and when the next test is scheduled for. The more regularly the equipment is used, the more regularly it should be tested as these can be more susceptible to faults. When we refer to ‘appliances’, it doesn’t just mean what you may class as traditional appliances, e.g. fridges, microwaves – it means anything that is plugged into a socket.

    As well as the frequency of use being a factor in PAT testing, the environment that the appliance is used in also determines how often you should get the appliance tested. For example, a piece of heavy equipment on a construction site or a machine in a hospital should be tested much more frequently than a blender in a kitchen.

    Favourable with insurance companies

    It is best to establish a schedule for your PAT testing, rather than having to check labels or guessing when a test is required. You can arrange with a fire safety company to have regular tests on your equipment, meaning that you can be sure your appliances will be checked at the right times, ensuring you adhere to all relevant fire safety regulations. It is also looked upon favourably by insurance companies as they know you are taking the necessary steps to create a safe working environment for you, your staff and visitors to your premises.

    Ensuring that every aspect of your business is as safe as possible is a crucial responsibility, and with regular PAT testing you can be sure that any potential faults in your appliances will be caught and rectified before it’s too late.

    Here at City Fire Protection, we are proud to provide our customers with comprehensive fire safety equipment and training. We can install, maintain and repair a wide range of fire safety equipment to help you meet all fire safety legislation. For more information, please get in touch with us today!

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