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    Help and Advice Secondary Effects Of A Business Fire

    Secondary Effects Of A Business Fire

    Fires are terrifying and disastrous no matter how you look at it. Fires, whether naturally occurring, accidental or caused by arson, unfold chaos and fear, and destroy everything in their wake. What’s more devastating is that the effects a fire can impact us in years to come. This month, City Fire Protection are here to discuss the secondary effects of a business fire.

    Aftermath fires have on businesses

    Smoke inhalation

    We’re all aware that injuries and fatalities can happen in the event of a fire but it affects more people than you think. Smoke inhalation can be extremely dangerous and can cause damage to the lungs, throat and can even cause unconsciousness. Smoke inhalation can have lasting effects and even cause permanent damage.

    Insurance claims

    A fire that has broken out and spread due to lack of fire safety is likely to invalidate a businesses insurance. This gross oversight can mean the insurance won’t pay out and that the funds will have to be paid by the business itself. This might not be possible and a business can go under.

    Environmental damages

    Fires engulf everything and will disintegrate grass, trees, wetlands and fencing – opening up areas to weeds, pest infestations, human access and vandalism. A fire may begin in a building but can easily grow and spread, which can affect the surrounding areas. Without the correct fire management in place, a fire caused in a factory, office block, hairdressers, retail shop or similar, could end up having secondary effects on natural and cultural heritage.

    Difficulty attracting new employees

    If it comes to light that the appropriate fire safety measures weren’t put into place after experiencing a devastating fire, the business will have great difficulty attracting new employees. Negligence shows carelessness to the health and safety of those who step foot on your premises.

    Businesses downtime

    For small companies in particular, a fire can have grave consequences, risking loss of customers and a sullied reputation for not being able to deliver what was promised. Downtime can mean you are unable to contact customers, ship goods, provide scheduled services, etc. – causing customers to go elsewhere. This downtime can have a huge effect on revenue and your business will have a hard time recovering old customers and making back lost money.

    Brand Reputation

    A fire that occurs within a business can have an effect on a brand’s reputation – but why is that?

    • It’s a legal requirement for businesses to ensure fire safety in the workplace. If safety measures are not put in place and a fire does break out, a company will be liable for injuries or fatalities – which can ruin a brand’s reputation.

      To ensure regulations are met, a competent adult must review and assess the premises. This competent person must identify the fire hazards, identify people who are at risk, evaluate, remove or reduce risks, take note of findings, prepare an emergency plan and seek adequate training. Fire risk assessments must occur at least once a year or when there have been changes within the premises.

      Things to consider when assessing the premises:

      – Fire fighting equipment (suitable extinguishers)
      – Fire detection alarms
      – Emergency evacuation routes and exits
      – Evacuating vulnerable people (elderly, disabled, pregnant, children)
      – Providing fire safety information to those on the premises
      – Removing dangerous substances that are on site

    For help with your business’ fire risk assessment, follow this link to find the appropriate guide for your business. Alternatively, speak to an expert who will be able to identify the risks for you and provide a comprehensive assessment.

    City Fire Protection offer a 24 hour service, 7 days a week and we guarantee to beat any quotation. We provide fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire doors and exits, fire safety training and maintenance services. Our installations come complete with a 10 year guarantee and we can arrive to any emergency call outs. We operate throughout Birmingham, Essex and Croydon.

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