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Help and Advice The Top 3 Worst Industries for Fire Safety

The Top 3 Worst Industries for Fire Safety

Fire safety risks and hazards vary depending on each environment, with some containing many potential fire hazards and some containing very few. While it is very important that all business owners and building managers are aware of correct fire safety protocols, there are certain environments where those involved must be particularly vigilant to the risk of fire.

A poll conducted by IFSEC Global has looked at the industries that their users feel are the worst for fire safety.

Restaurants & Takeaway (26.3%)

26% of participants stated that they believe restaurants and takeaways had the most to improve on with regards to fire safety. There are a number of reasons that fire hazards can be prominent in restaurants, such as the presence of ignition materials, like naked flames.

As well as the risks themselves, as restaurants have a lot of people in them the risk element is elevated. By ensuring all employees are aware of how to use equipment properly and they are familiar with the fire hazards that can be common in restaurants, the risks can be greatly reduced.

HMO – Houses in Multiple Occupation (25%)

HMOs are houses with multiple occupants that share one or more amenities such as a bathroom, a toilet or a kitchen. The risk can be higher in these places as the layouts can be quite complex and the amount of occupants can increase the chances of a fire outbreak.

As each occupant may have his or her own electrical appliances, there is a greater risk of electrical fire, and the large volume of rubbish that is likely to be created can pose a fire safety risk, too. As well as awareness of fire hazards and preventative measures, each resident should be fully aware of the relevant evacuation procedures and routes to ensure maximum safety.

Bars (19%)

Owing to the large amounts of people that often fill them, coupled with the large quantities of alcohol both in front and behind the bar and the various types of lighting in the room, bars contain quite a high fire risk.

Employees of the bar need to be fully trained in fire safety procedures, perhaps most importantly the safe evacuation of large numbers of people. The vast quantity of visitors means that it can be quite difficult to co-ordinate an evacuation, so if the staff are fully prepared for an emergency evacuation then the safety of all involved can be greatly increased.

City Fire

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