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    City Fire Protection Basildon

    There is a fire safety responsibility for building or property managers, in Basildon, Essex and beyond, when it comes to fire alarms, protection and safety measures. These measures need to be sufficient and adequate to keep your staff or residents safe and free from the threat of fires.

    Our fire safety services in Basildon, Essex include:

    Businesses need to have equipment such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers need to be present and in working order as a matter of law – not choice. It is key for you and anyone in your building to have these vital pieces of equipment present and installed.

    Here at the City Fire Protection branch in Basildon, we can provide a whole range of fire services, equipment and assessments to help you keep your building or workplace up to the high standards required by law. We are highly trained and professional contractors for fire risk assessments, delivering fire safety to your premises with our team of experts. Get in touch with the team at City Fire Protection today for more information.

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    Fire Risk Assessments Essex

    If you own or operate a commercial or industrial property, then you are responsible for ensuring that the building is in adherence with all relevant fire safety laws and regulations. Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement under the Fire Safety Order, and they need to be carried out on a yearly basis.

    There are three main reasons for carrying out fire risk assessments:

    • Identify risks on the premises. These include fuel sources, areas where fuel may be ignited, etc
    • Reduce these risks to the lowest possible level
    • Decide what, if any precautions are required to maintain or improve the safety of the property. These precautions can range from extra training for staff to fire exits

    For a fire risk assessment, someone will be assigned the role of Responsible Person, which requires them to have substantial and relevant knowledge of fire safety training, procedures and practices. They will be required to use this for fire risk assessments, as well as potentially training other staff.

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    Fire Extinguishers Essex

    One of the items most commonly associated with fire safety, fire extinguishers should be present in any commercial property, without fail. In order to ensure maximum safety in the event of a fire, there is a range of fire extinguishers available, suitable for different types of fire. At City Fire, we are proud to supply a range of fire extinguishers for customers throughout Essex, including:

    Whether you need one extinguisher or 10, City Fire can deliver and install your equipment quickly and safely, ready to be used, should you need them.

    Fire Safety Training Essex

    Fire safety equipment is crucial to any workplace, but just as important is the fire safety training and knowledge of your employees. In order to ensure maximum safety and minimum risk in the event of a fire, staff in your building must have a good knowledge of the correct fire safety procedures, so they can put them into practice should a fire break out.

    At City Fire Protection, we are proud to provide comprehensive fire safety training for all our customers in Essex and beyond, offering our years of experience and expertise to businesses of all sizes around the country. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

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