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Server Room Fire Safety 101

Server rooms are integral to the upkeep of business functions, including running hundreds of computers, telecommunications operations and irreplaceable data storage. With all that electrical equipment, it’s no wonder that they are a prime spot for ignition. A server room fire can be one of the worst disasters that can befall a business, so here’s how to protect against them and prevent one ever happening to you. Common causes of a server room fire Electrical failure of equipment Overloading plug sockets is a common problem that is overlooked. So too is short circuiting of electrical components such as switched or power…

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Fire Extinguishers: The Types and Their Uses

Fire extinguishers are a crucial element of comprehensive fire safety and, in commercial and industrial properties, are often required by legal health and safety regulations. However, fire extinguishers come in a range of types and, according to the kind of environment you live or work within, a particular model of fire extinguisher, or combination of fire extinguishers, will be necessary. Download our guide Types of Fire… There are 6 types of fire, all classified and identified by the kind of materials found in the location in which the fire is present: Class A – This type of fire is characterised by the…

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Cleaning Up Fire Extinguisher Foam

Before cleaning up any extinguisher residue, check to see what type of fire extinguisher you’ve used to put out the fire. You will likely already know this due to health and safety protocols, but it pays to make sure. Once you know which type of residue you are dealing with, you can go ahead and start following one of the guides below for safely cleaning up the mess in an efficient manner. Safely Cleaning Up After Using a Water Fire Extinguisher After using a water fire extinguisher to put out a fire, the two main concerns are water damage and electrical…

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Is Using an Expired Extinguisher Dangerous?

Hopefully, the usage of fire extinguishers is not a common event, but it is always useful to know when it is time to get your fire extinguisher checked over, for various reasons. Although fire extinguishers don’t actually have expiry dates and don’t technically become expired, extinguishers can require recharging after a certain amount of time or need further maintenance for continued safe operation… but this only usually an option for newer extinguishers (less than five years old). The other option is replacement – this costs roughly the same amount as recharging an extinguisher and can provide your equipment with a new…

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Robot Fire Extinguisher Unveiled

When you picture a fire extinguisher, you picture the red, cylindrical tank placed on walls in offices, schools and commercial buildings. Your typical basic fire extinguisher comes in several different varieties, each one designed to tackle specific types of fires, and these varieties have been in place for years. But in specialist environments, more specifically the U.S Navy’s ships, there will soon be an alternative fire extinguisher available that could not be further removed from the ones we see in our everyday lives. Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot If a fire was to break out on a US Navy ship in the…

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