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Lift Fire Safety

Fires can break out at any time, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, and different situations require different courses of action to be taken. If you find yourself in a lift when a fire breaks out, it can be very easy to panic – something which should be avoided as much as possible. Many fire service call-outs for lift ‘emergencies’ are genuine emergencies, so it is important to be aware of what is deserving of the fire brigade’s help and what isn’t, and how you can help prevent these situations from arising. Appropriate Maintenance of Lifts for Fire…

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How Often Does Your Business Need PAT Testing?

PAT testing is a vital process that needs to be undertaken by all businesses if they are to maintain the optimum level of fire safety. PAT testing is the testing of all electrical appliances to ensure they are in full, safe working order, and these tests should be carried out by a registered, qualified professional rather than by yourself. The requirements for PAT testing were established by the Electricity at Work Regulations Act (1974), and this process carries many benefits, as the basics of portable appliance testing has detailed before. There is no legal directive on the frequency of your PAT…

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Can E-Cigarettes Be as Much of a Fire Risk as Normal Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes are becoming more and more commonplace in recent times, with many people converting to their usage from normal cigarettes thanks to their lack of tobacco and variety of flavours. While they don’t use flames and searing temperatures like cigarettes do, they have still been identified as a major fire risk if they are not used sensibly. Data gathered from fire services around the country show that since 2012, they have been called out to 113 fire emergencies that have been related to e-cigarettes. Sales figures for e-cigarettes were as little as 50,000 in 2008, but a huge upturn in popularity…

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Electrical Safety: Fires and Wires

Used every day by billions of people across the world, electricity is something that we all take for granted until it either stops working or develops a fault. When you turn on a light switch, you don’t even question whether or not the light is going to come on, unless you’re still in the dark after you’ve flipped the switch.For something that is used on such a huge scale, making our daily lives so much easier and safer, there is also a real potential for it to cause us problems. This article will look at the ways you can maintain electrical…

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Fire Evacuation Plans for the Hard of Hearing

If you own any form of commercial or industrial property, a hotel, guest house or residential house, which is likely to be let to, or used by, the deaf, or hard of hearing, you have certain additional legal obligations. To ensure, to the best of your ability, the safety of these persons. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, you are required to assess any fire risk, and provide plans for any emergency evacuation should it become necessary. Within these plans should be included specific arrangements to warn, and then evacuate, any person who is deaf or hard of hearing….

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