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    Education Fire Protection

    Education Fire Protection

    If you run an educational establishment, from a small school to a large university, you’ll know first hand that fire safety across the campus is absolutely crucial. Whether you’ve 100 students and staff or thousands of people coming to your building every day, the need for fire alarms, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment and procedures cannot be overstated.

    Fire extinguishers and alarms in schools

    The detection of fire is crucial to its early and effective subduing. If a fire can be extinguished before it spreads, the risk of damage to property, injury and loss of life is minimised. Functioning fire alarms are the first line of defence against a fire, and they need to be installed properly across the premises.

    Staff and pupils must be fully aware of the procedures to be undertaken in the event of a fire; what the fire alarm sounds like, the safest and quickest evacuation route and the location of the designated meeting point away from the premises.

    In situations where it is safe or advisable to try and tackle the fire yourself, the correct type of fire extinguisher must be available – we supply all classes of extinguisher, suitable for combating fires of all types.

    Fire risk assessments for the education sector

    In order to know what needs to be done in order to protect your property from fire, a fire risk assessment should be carried out. This allows us to identify where improvements can be made in terms of fire safety, whether that might be the installation of sprinklers, removal of faulty appliances or clearance of evacuation routes. There are a number of fire risks in the education sector, with the main ones being:


    The kitchens of school cafeterias often have industrial-style appliances, from large ovens to fridges and fryers. Much like there’s a risk of fire in your kitchen at home, the school kitchen can be the starting point for major fires if appropriate measures aren’t taken. Faulty appliances, open flames from hobs and ovens, flammable materials such as packaging and paper towels can all pose a risk if not managed properly.


    Schools are a common target for arsonists, with over 1,000 attacks occurring on a yearly basis. While this is not an issue that is any fault of the school or those who operate it, it is a risk nonetheless. The best methods of prevention for arson are sufficient security measures: CCTV cameras, secure fencing, access control where necessary and secure locking when the property is left unattended overnight. City Fire know the importance of the highest quality fire protection for schools, colleges and universities. Our experience in supply fire safety equipment and training means that there is no company better placed than us for your fire safety requirements. Whether you need new extinguishers or you’d like sprinklers installed in your classrooms, we can provide exactly what you want, when you want it. For more information, please get in touch with us today.

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