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    Transport Fire Protection

    Transport Fire Protection

    The transport sector has its own unique fire safety risks and requirements, and at City Fire Protection, we offer everything you might need to ensure your transport operation is equipped with the relevant fire safety equipment, and your staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in the appropriate procedures that are necessary in the event of a fire. From buses and trains to depots and stations, we can ensure that any vehicle or building under your management is fully protected from fire.

    Fire Risk Assessments for Public Transport

    In order to evaluate what fire safety measures are necessary for your public transport service, we must first carry out a fire risk assessment. Our thorough assessments allow us to identify the areas where fire safety improvements can be made, whether that’s a lack of fire extinguishers in a garage, or insufficient evacuation routes out of a premises.

    Once our assessment has been completed, we can then advise you on what you need to improve the fire safety of your property. Whatever you need, we can supply and install the equipment, such as fire alarms, or alternatively, if we feel that your staff need fire safety training, we can deliver that too, thanks to our experienced team.

    Fire Alarms & Extinguishers for Public Transport

    Whether it’s a moving train or a bus depot in a city centre, fire alarms and extinguishers are crucial elements of fire protection. Ensuring that your train, bus or garage, for example, is fitted with fully functioning fire alarms and extinguishers to facilitate awareness, safe evacuation and combating of fires is vital – some fires may not be extinguishable without the assistance of the fire brigade, but the equipment needs to be in place in the event a fire occurs that can be managed by those already in the immediate vicinity. We can supply and install fire safety equipment that is best suited to your premises and vehicles, as well as offering regular maintenance and repairs to faulty equipment – in order to find any faults with your equipment, we can provide full PAT testing, too.

    For more information about our fire protection services, please get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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    “I had an issue with a fire alarm, called City Fire on the back of a recommendation. The engineers arrived on time, managed to resolve the issue on site, and all throughout head office were in contact to ensure a smooth service.

    Would definitely recommend! 10/10!”

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