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    Fire Protection For Sports Grounds & Stadiums

    Fire Protection For Sports Grounds & Stadiums

    On any given day, a sports ground or stadium can be filled with hundreds or thousands of people, sat or stood together in close proximity. While this undoubtedly makes for a fantastic atmosphere, there are also inherent risks involved when there are large amounts of people in a confined space, and ensuring the safety of those within a sports ground or stadium is the responsibility of the owner or property manager.

    Sufficient fire protection for sports grounds includes many of the same features that should be included in other premises, like shopping centres, office blocks and schools. One element which is particularly important is safe evacuation routes – with thousands of people in the same place, getting everybody out safely requires carefully thought-out, well-lit and clearly signposted evacuation routes – this can be a literal lifesaver and something that should be treated as priority where fire safety measures are concerned.

    Fire extinguishers and alarms for stadiums and sports grounds

    As well as safe evacuation routes for fans, players and staff alike, the appropriate measures for combating fires themselves must be in place. A fire risk assessment of your property will allow us to determine what type or types of fire extinguishers you need, and where best to situate them for swift and effective action when required.

    Fire alarms are also crucial to the minimisation of damage and injury during a fire, and fitting effective fire and smoke alarms throughout your sports ground is imperative. City Fire can do that, too, so you can be sure that those within your premises are as well-protected as possible in the event of an emergency.

    For more information about our fire protection services for stadiums and sports grounds, please get in touch with City Fire Protection today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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