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    Leisure Centre Fire Protection

    Gym and Leisure Centre Fire Protection

    Used by people the world over for relaxation and exercise alike, leisure centres contain a variety of machines and rooms that serve different purposes. From swimming pools to cafeterias and badminton courts, fire safety measures must be in place in each and every space in a leisure centre. City Fire Protection offer fire protection services for leisure centres of all sizes across the UK, providing everything from fire safety equipment installation to fire risk assessments and safety training.

    Fire Risk Assessments for Leisure Centres & Gyms

    Like any large building that can accommodate large numbers of people at any one time require comprehensive fire safety measures to ensure the safety of guests and staff alike. Fire risk assessments are designed to establish what areas of a property need reinforcing in terms of fire safety, whether it’s electrical appliances like gym equipment, kitchens where gas and open flames are present, or simply ensuring that reception areas are properly equipped for a potential fire situation.

    Once a comprehensive fire risk assessment has been carried out, we can then implement any necessary changes to your leisure centre’s fire safety equipment or lack thereof. If you feel that your staff could benefit from fire safety training, our experienced team can devise a training programme tailored to your requirements.

    Fire Alarms & Extinguishers for Leisure Centres & Gyms

    Fire detection is the first and most crucial part of fire prevention, and here at City Fire Protection we know exactly what a building requires in order to make it as well-equipped as possible for a fire-related emergency. We can supply and install fire alarms for your leisure centre, fitting them in any room so that any burgeoning fires can be detected, guests and staff can be alerted and evacuated and the fire can be dealt with.

    In order to combat fires, though, appropriate extinguishers are needed. Different classes of fire extinguishers are required for different types of fires, and we can install whatever varieties are needed in areas that need them most. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is crucial, and as such we offer training in the safe and effective use of fire safety equipment where necessary, so in the event of a fire, you and your staff are as prepared as can be.

    City Fire Protection are the UK’s leading independent fire safety company. For more information about our work with gyms and leisure centres, or if you’d like to know more about anything else we do, please get in touch with us today.

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    “I had an issue with a fire alarm, called City Fire on the back of a recommendation. The engineers arrived on time, managed to resolve the issue on site, and all throughout head office were in contact to ensure a smooth service.

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