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About Our Quality Fire Extinguishers

It’s absolutely imperative that your premises is fully equipped with a high-quality fire extinguisher. Not only will this protect the building, but it will also protect life. Although we hope never to put it into use, this important piece of equipment is paramount to the safety of your premises and, most importantly, its occupants. City Fire Protection are able to supply our customers with fire extinguishers which are manufactured to exceptionally high standards, ensuring that it never fails to operate should a fire occur, although we hope this situation never arises. Fire extinguishers of superior quality Here at City Fire Protection,…

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Fire Doors Explained

Fire doors are crucial in the event of a fire. They’re able to buy much needed time, allowing occupants to evacuate a building safely. Despite common belief, more than one type of fire door exists. In this article, we’re going to explain how they differ, along with the important role they play in fire protection and safety. Fire doors and compartmentation Fire doors are an important part of fire compartmentation, a system which also relies on walls, ceilings and floors to help contain a fire. A fire compartment could simply be one room, a collection of rooms, a shaft or a…

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Secondary Effects Of A Business Fire

Fires are terrifying and disastrous no matter how you look at it. Fires, whether naturally occurring, accidental or caused by arson, unfold chaos and fear, and destroy everything in their wake. What’s more devastating is that the effects a fire can impact us in years to come. This month, City Fire Protection are here to discuss the secondary effects of a business fire. Aftermath fires have on businesses Smoke inhalation We’re all aware that injuries and fatalities can happen in the event of a fire but it affects more people than you think. Smoke inhalation can be extremely dangerous and can…

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Server Room Fire Safety 101

Server rooms are integral to the upkeep of business functions, including running hundreds of computers, telecommunications operations and irreplaceable data storage. With all that electrical equipment, it’s no wonder that they are a prime spot for ignition. A server room fire can be one of the worst disasters that can befall a business, so here’s how to protect against them and prevent one ever happening to you. Common causes of a server room fire Electrical failure of equipment Overloading plug sockets is a common problem that is overlooked. So too is short circuiting of electrical components such as switched or power…

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Office Fires: 5 Common Hazards

There are three certainties of life in any office: emails, tea rounds and fire drills. That last one is a great way to minimise the risks associated with evacuating an office quickly and safely. However, this is where fire safety training usually stops. It is rare for offices to undertake training in how we can reduce fire risks in the first place. After all, if there’s no fire, there’s no reason to evacuate. To help minimise fire risks in your premises, here are our 5 most common fire hazards you will find in the office. Download as PDF 1. Plug sockets…

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