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Latest News Category: General Fire Safety

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Secondary Effects Of A Business Fire

Fires are terrifying and disastrous no matter how you look at it. Fires, whether naturally occurring, accidental or caused by arson, unfold chaos and fear, and destroy everything in their wake. What’s more devastating is that the effects a fire can impact us in years to come. This month, City Fire Protection are here to discuss the secondary effects of a business fire. Aftermath fires have on businesses Smoke inhalation We’re all aware that injuries and fatalities can happen in the event of a fire but it affects more people than you think. Smoke inhalation can be extremely dangerous and can…

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Summer Fire Safety

The heatwave in the UK shows no signs of abating, and those of us who love soaking up the sun’s rays are spending as much time as possible outdoors, hosting barbecues, going camping and just generally enjoying this unprecedented warmth we’re experiencing. While we’re having our fun in the sun, it’s important that we make sure we do so safely as the risk of fire is increased in the Summer time – in no small part due to the greater number of outdoor fires. As well as the fires themselves, there are other aspects of fire safety in Summer time that…

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Effects of Smoke Inhalation During a Fire

Being caught in a fire emergency is a terrifying experience for anyone, and there are a huge number of risks that people are exposed to in such a situation. Smoke inhalation is one such risk, and it can be extremely dangerous, even fatal. The effects of smoke inhalation can be immediate and in this piece, we are going to look at what these effects are and the stages of their occurrence. Symptoms There are various symptoms of smoke inhalation, and they depend on how long you have been exposed to the smoke for. Some of the most obvious ones include: Cough…

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The Temperature Of Fire

Fire is very hot – this much is obvious. Whether you’ve lit a match or you have a roaring fire going in your fireplace, you really don’t want any naked flame coming into contact with your skin. However, not all fires burn at the same temperature – different materials offer different amounts of heat. Download this article to have handy facts about the temperature of fire available to you at any point! Download our guide Candle Flames The outer core of a candle flame burns at 1,400°C, and the core of the flame burns at 800°C, which is quite surprising for…

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Types of Fire Safety Signs Infographic

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