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    Help and Advice About Our Quality Fire Extinguishers

    About Our Quality Fire Extinguishers

    It’s absolutely imperative that your premises is fully equipped with a high-quality fire extinguisher. Not only will this protect the building, but it will also protect life. Although we hope never to put it into use, this important piece of equipment is paramount to the safety of your premises and, most importantly, its occupants.

    City Fire Protection are able to supply our customers with fire extinguishers which are manufactured to exceptionally high standards, ensuring that it never fails to operate should a fire occur, although we hope this situation never arises.

    our fire extinguisher servicesFire extinguishers of superior quality

    Here at City Fire Protection, we’re able to supply high-quality fire extinguishers that have been made to a first-class standard, ensuring the safety of our customers. All of our EN3-7 extinguishers are RAL 300, meaning they’re a bright flame-red colour. This is a basic requirement for all EN3-7 fire extinguishers, something we never fail to comply with.

    Whether you’re looking to protect your property with foam, water, carbon dioxide (CO2) or powder fire extinguishers, it’s vital that you’re supplied with an extinguisher which is suitable for your company. For example, a CO2 fire extinguisher would need to be placed in a computer suite, and a wet chemical extinguisher should be present in a communal office kitchen.

    What is monoammonium phosphate (MAP)?

    Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N).

    Chemical properties:

    Chemical formula NH4H2PO4
    Solution pH 4 to 4.5

    There are two ways in which MAP can be manufactured:

    1. A one to one ratio of ammonia (NH3) and phosphoric acid (H3PO4) is reacted, thus creating slurry. The slurry of MAP is then solidified in a granulator.
    2. Two starting materials are introduced in a pipe-cross reactor. The reaction then generates heat which evaporates water, thus resulting in the solidification of MAP.

    Although widely used in agriculture as a granular fertiliser, MAP is also used in dry chemical fire extinguishers. When one of these extinguishers is in operation, fine MAP powder is powerfully dispersed, coating the affected area and smothering the flames. These types of extinguishers are commonly found in offices and schools. The extinguishers we supply use a minimum of 40% MAP, with some using MAP70.

    What do the A and B ratings mean on a fire extinguisher?

    All quality fire extinguishers capable of extinguishing class A and B fires will carry a fire rating.

    • Class A fires will involve the burning of wood, paper, cloth, rubber and certain types of plastic.
    • Class B fires involve the burning of oil, paint, greases, gases, gasoline and flammable liquids.
    • Class C fires burn on flammable gases, such as methane, propane and butane.
    • Class D fires ignite metals such as titanium, aluminium and magnesium.
    • Class E fires are generally caused by electricity, or involve electrical equipment.
    • Class F fires are ignited with cooking fat or oils.

    The fire extinguisher’s fire rating is indicated first by a number, then a letter, such as 34B. The number will enable you to determine the size of the fire it can extinguish – the larger the number, the larger the fire it is able to extinguish. However, if you aren’t sure, you can always ask our team of knowledgeable experts for further advice.

    The letter determines the fire classification. For example, foam fire extinguishers will carry both A and B fire ratings because of its extinguishing agent’s properties. Other classifications include:

    Classification Materials/substances it can be used on Type of extinguisher
    Class A Paper, wood, textiles Water, foam, dry powder, wet chemical
    Class B Flammable liquids Foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide (CO2)
    Class C Flammable gases Dry powder
    Class F Cooking oil and fat Wet chemical
    Electrical Risk Electrical equipment Dry powder, carbon dioxide (CO2)

    Fire extinguishers are also colour coded to allow for quick access and operation:

    • Water – red
    • Foam – cream
    • Powder – blue
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – black
    • Wet chemical – yellow

    Depending on the class of your fire extinguisher, one will be better suited to put out one fire than another. That being said, it can be incredibly dangerous for the operator if they were to use the wrong extinguisher to put out the flames of a fire. For example, a water fire extinguisher must never be used on an electrical fire.

    Fire extinguishers at City Fire Protection

    It’s vital that you have a fire extinguisher which is right for your premises, whether you own a restaurant, run a school or manage a kitchen, it’s imperative that the protection of life is at the forefront of health and safety protocols, and City Fire Protection are here to help.

    We use C6 technology

    Here at City Fire Protection, we use petrosealc6 6 to help manufacture the fire extinguishers we supply. C6 is a high-quality, Film-Forming FluoroProtein (FFFP) fire extinguisher containing a highly concentrated foam. Generally, this is used for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

    Originating from advanced protein foam technology, the material is protein-based, thus providing a tough cohesive foam blanket with an incredibly high resistance to heat. The active agents present within a fluorochemical surface will, when combined with the protein base, produce a vapour sealing aqueous film. This will then provide the same level of control and extinguishment as a high-quality, synthetic AFFF (a more traditional foam extinguisher).

    C6 technology is environmentally-friendly

    C6 technology is far superior to the C8 compound alternative. C6-based foam concentrates are formulated using C6 fluorochemicals that are of a shorter-chain. These will then be manufactured by using the telomerization process. This manufacturing process doesn’t produce PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) and the C6 materials won’t breakdown, therefore, PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) will not be yielded.

    This makes the manufacture of the C6 foam concentrate an incredibly environmentally-friendly process. In addition to this, Petrosealc6 6 is biodegradable and non-toxic to marine life and aquatic organisms. Being based purely on a natural protein foaming agent, it doesn’t contain any harmful, synthetic detergents, either.

    All parts and components are fully traceable and assembled in the UK

    The parts and components we use to manufacture our fire extinguishers are entirely traceable. Each extinguisher is fitted with an individual barcode containing all quality critical component batch numbers. This allows for the full traceability of all parts and components we use, from supplier to user. We’re proud to offer complete transparency to our customers.

    All of our fire extinguishers are meticulously assembled with skill and precision, right here in the UK. So you can rest assured that the quality of our extinguishers will be second to none.

    Extensive quality testing is carried out

    To ensure the safety of the user, we conduct meticulous quality testing on our products, going through six separate checks to guarantee our extinguishers are both safe to use and are able to swiftly and effectively put out a fire.

    All of our extinguishers come with a guarantee

    Here at City Fire Protection, we’re dedicated to ensuring the safety of our customers. That’s why all of the fire extinguishers we sell come with a five year guarantee, for your absolute peace of mind. However, there are a select number that will come with a 10 year guarantee. If you’d like further information about the guarantees on our fire extinguishers, talk to a member of our qualified, certified staff.

    If you’re looking to place brand new fire extinguishers throughout your property, our team here at City Fire Protection will be able to help. Our staff are fully qualified, highly experienced specialists, certifying them to ensure that you’re fulfilling legal and contractual obligations. We will also check that you’re successfully meeting all health and safety regulations, too. For further information about the fire extinguishers we sell, get in touch with us today – we operate throughout the United Kingdom.

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