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Student Fire Safety


For university students, living in shared accommodation is something of a rite of passage, and for many it can be the first taste of living independently – which also means there is a huge responsibility undertaken to keep yourself and your housemates safe. Things like cooking independently also carry fire hazards with them, and living in shared accommodation means that this risk is increased. This article will look into the ways you can increase fire safety in your student property.

Escape Routes


Although it may not be the most exciting thing to do, it is important that you and your housemates are aware of a safe escape route from your property in the event of a fire. This might be a simple task if you live in a house, however if you live in student halls then it can be more complicated. Ensure that your route is as efficient as possible, well lit and uncluttered by obstacles, and it should always end at a meeting point that is a safe distance away from the building and any other hazards.



Moving away from home means that you’ll have to prepare your own meals, and that more than likely means you’ll be needing to use an oven or stove (or a microwave). It goes without saying that cooking can be very dangerous if the proper care and attention isn’t taken. There are countless fire brigade call outs stemming from people not paying attention when cooking, or, as is very common among students, trying to cook while intoxicated after a night out. Cooking whilst drunk is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted, no matter how simple you may think it is.


Turn all appliances off at the sockets before you go to sleep. Obviously this may not be realistic for certain appliances, such as fridges, but things like televisions, games consoles and computers can be turned off at the socket when they are not being used. Not only does this reduce fire risk, but it saves energy too.

Smoke Alarms

Ensure that a smoke alarm is fitted on each level of the property. It is the responsibility of your landlord or building manager to ensure that your building is appropriately fitted with the right alarms, and they should be tested once a week. If you notice that an alarm isn’t working properly, contact your landlord or building manager immediately.

Here at City Fire, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading independent fire safety companies, supplying our clients with high quality fire safety equipment and fire safety training. If you would like to know more about what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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