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Help and Advice Summer Fire Safety

Summer Fire Safety

The heatwave in the UK shows no signs of abating, and those of us who love soaking up the sun’s rays are spending as much time as possible outdoors, hosting barbecues, going camping and just generally enjoying this unprecedented warmth we’re experiencing.

summer fire safety

While we’re having our fun in the sun, it’s important that we make sure we do so safely as the risk of fire is increased in the Summer time – in no small part due to the greater number of outdoor fires. As well as the fires themselves, there are other aspects of fire safety in Summer time that we need to be aware of, and City Fire are going to run through them here.


Synonymous with summer, barbecues are a brilliant way to socialise with your friends and family, and this year’s temperatures have seen millions of people fire up the grill and enjoy some outdoor dining. However, there’s considerable potential for accidents with barbecues if the appropriate care and precautions aren’t taken.

  • Never leave your barbecue unattended
  • Empty any and all ashes onto bare soil – avoid bins as the contents can catch fire
  • Wait until the barbecue has cooled down before moving it
  • Keep it away from trees, shrubs, garden waste, fences and sheds
  • Make sure to turn off the gas tap before changing the cylinder
  • Keep children and pets away from the barbecue
  • Do not operate the barbecue if you’ve had a lot to drink


Camping is one of life’s simple pleasures. If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit the countryside and set up a tent for a night or two, then a campfire is almost essential, to sit around and relax and to keep warm in the colder nights. Here are a few safety tips to ensure your campfire doesn’t get out of hand.

  • Ensure there are no low-hanging branches above the area where you want your fire to be. These can catch fire easily, and if they’re dry, the fire will spread rapidly
  • Keep a radius of 8-10 feet between the fire and any tents, furniture, equipment or food
  • Do not smoke inside your tent
  • Create a barrier around the fire, either with rocks or by creating a fire pit
  • Someone should always be watching the fire to keep it under control
  • Keep water nearby to extinguish the flames
  • Make sure the fire is fully extinguished before retiring to bed


Caravan holidays are still a very popular excursion for people all over the UK, but much like camping, caravan fire safety should be treated with respect and care in order to avoid accidents.

  • It’s imperative that your caravan is fitted with a working smoke alarm
  • Test said smoke alarm regularly
  • Don’t smoke inside a caravan
  • Make sure the caravan is well-ventilated
  • Never bring a barbecue into the caravan

The hot weather is here to be enjoyed in whatever way you see fit, and if your idea of fun is a barbecue, a camping trip or a caravan holiday, it’s unlikely there’ll be a better time than this summer. However, to ensure that everyone has a good time in a safe environment, adhere to the above advice and keep your flames under control.

City Fire Protection are leading independent providers of fire safety equipment and training for businesses around the UK. For more information of what we do, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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